Book Review: ‘Forget What You Know: A Novel’ By Christina Dodd

This is the follow-up to last year’s Point Last Seen (which I really liked), and a return to the small town of Gothic, California. The story involves an ancient ruby, called Dragon’s Heart, which is known to cause bad things to happen to whoever owns it. Zoey Phoenix lives in Gothic, and works with flowers and herbs, and has a magic touch with them. She’s divorced from Luca, a former pro-wrestler. She also has a mysterious past that she’s not aware of, but involves the ruby. When someone tries to run her off the road, Luca comes to take care of her. Then her mother vanishes, other deaths take place, mysterious people are showing up, and a climatic, really fun showdown at her house, with some LOL moments, highlight this delightful novel. If you’re a fan of small town, quirky characters, and two characters that are destined to be together, you’ll like this book.

You can pick up Forget What You Know in stores on Tuesday, March 7th from HQN.

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