Book Review: ‘Firestorm: A Garrett Kohl Novel’ By Taylor Moore

The second book in the Garrett Kohl series is a thrilling action story that starts off fast and never lets up. It’s a great follow-up to the first book in the series and sets up for the next thrilling novel. Garrett Kohl helps capture a Mexican cartel leader and heads back to his ranch. What he finds there is not good. The Talon Corporation has bought the rights to the oil and mineral rights to the ranch that were sold years ago and there’s nothing Garrett can do about it. The ranch is being torn up and the family has been banned from the ranch for fighting with the security people. But Garrett is not giving up and is searching for evidence against them. Something doesn’t seem right with the corporation and soon Garrett finds himself in danger, as does his foster son and many others. It leads to a crazy, climatic showdown on many fronts and many lives in jeopardy. Fans of the first novel will not be disappointed.

You can pick up Firestorm in stores on Tuesday, August 16th from William Morrow.

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