Book Review: ‘Femlandia: A Novel’ By Christina Dalcher

Following up last year’s awesome book Vox, author Christina Dalcher has written another spellbinding novel, that will keep the reader engaged in this though provoking novel. America has fallen into chaos when the economic systerm collapses here and around the world. People are losing their jobs, houses and everything else. Food is scare, gas is $20.00 a gallon and people are taking to the streets. There’s nowhere safe. For Miranda Reynolds and her 16 year-old daughter it’s the same. Her husband made bad investments, they lost everything and then he killed himself. Now with nowhere to go, Miranda takes her daughter to the one place she never wants to be at Femlandia. It was created by her mother and is a place for women and women only. It’s a womyn’s only colony, where they are self-sufficent. No Men Allowed. They get there and find there’s all sorts of rules and Miranda learns shocking secrets that put her life at risk. Her daughter Emma is easily swayed by the women there but Miranda doesn’t know what to do. She tries to get the truth out about the place but it leads to shocking consequences and dead people.

You can pick up Femlandia in stores on Tuesday, October 19th from Berkley.

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