Book Review: ‘Feels Like Falling’ By Kristy Woodson Harvey Is A Feel Good Novel For Spring

Author Kristy Woodson Harvey (Peachtree Bluff series) is back with her next heart-warming novel about two women at the crossroads who come together and see their lives turn around. It’s a great spring novel about family, love and relationships. As you read the story of these two women you can’t help but root for them to get what they want.

Gray is 34 married to Greg with a young son Wagner and runs a multi-million dollar company. Things should be great with her. But they’re not. Her mother has died of cancer, her sister is crazy and Greg had an affair with his young secretary and they’re in the middle of a nasty divorce.

Diana is in yet another bad relationship and she finally sees it. She leaves him and has no money and no place to stay. She loses her job and things just seem hopeless. The only many she truly loved Frank left over 20 years ago.

Gray thinks she’s responsible for Diana losing her job. She ends up hiring her to be her maid and gives her a place to live. They become close and soon things start to change. Frank is back and wants Diana back. Gray meets Wagner’s tennis teacher Andrew and he is smitten with Gray. He’s also 7 years younger than her. She has no interest but he wears her down.

Both Gray and Diana have major decisions to make involving their love lives and their families. Lucky they have each to count on and what they decide will forever change their lives.

You can pick up Feels Like Falling in stores on Tuesday, April 28th from Gallery.

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