Book Review: ‘Feel The Bern: A Bernie Sanders Mystery Novel’ By Andrew Shaffer

Crash Robertson is 23, lives in D.C., and is an intern for Bernie Sanders. She’s also from Vermont so they have that in common. When Bernie agrees to be the Grand Marshall for the Champ Days Parade, in Eagle Creek, Crash is assisgned to escort him, and make sure he does what he’s suppose to do. Bernie is known as a bit of a wanderer, and often goes off on his own. Since Crash is from there, this should be an easy job for her. They end up staying at her mother’s bed and breakfast, and Bernie is having a good time talking with the locals. When the body of local man Ferman Fletcher is found in the local lake by Crash, it seems like a suicide, but is later found to be a murder. Bernie decides to investigate the murder, along with Crash. This is a really fun novel. I like Bernie Sanders as a Senator, but don’t know much about him personally. I would like to imagine the way this book is written, this is truly how Bernie is (not knowing how much is true or not). It’s a fun, small-town murder mystery, with quirky characters, LOL moments, and political overtones. A good end of the year novel.

You can pick up Feel The Bern in stores on Tuesday, December 6th from Ten Speed Press.

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