Book Review: ‘Faye, Faraway: A Novel’ By Helen Fisher

Faye lost her mother when she was 8 years old and ended up living with neighbors Em and Henry and had a good life. She never learned the cause of her mother’s death and it has always haunted her. Now at age 36 she’s married to Eddie, who is going into the church to be a Vicar and she has two young daughters. But the death of her mother still hangs over her life. And then Eddie brings down a box of stuff from the attic from her childhood, that he wants to get rid of. Faye says no way and puts in back in the attack. One of the items was a space hopper and when she’s in the attic she steps into it and time travels back to the time when she was six and her mother alive. She sees her six year old self. She thinks she might be dreaming but meets up with her past and meets her mother and younger self. Never telling them who she is. She is able to go back and forth a couple of times. She hides this from Eddie and there is a distance between them. She isn’t sure if she can change the past and warn her mother. Faye will have to decide on her past or her future.

A great debut novel from Helen Fisher who lost her own mom when she was young. Readers will be glued to what decisions Faye will make in regards to her mother and putting the past behind her. With a truly shocking ending you don’t see coming.

You can pick up Faye, Faraway in stores on Tuesday, January 26th from Gallery Books.

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