Book Review: ‘Fake It Till You Bake It’ By Jamie Wesley

A fun, sassy, sexy, well-written rom-com that will put a smile on your face by the time you finish reading it. And it will make you hungy for cupcakes. Jada Townsend-Mathews is 25 years old and on her 26th birthday (which is coming up soon) she suppose to get her trust fund. She has done a reality dating show, where she said no to the suitor at the end, causing a backlash against her. Now back in San Diego, her Grandmother, who owns the football team in town, has told her she must get a steady job for the next six months. Donovan Dell is one of the players on the team and has opened Sugar Blitz Bakery, which serves cupcakes, with two of his teammates and friends. Jada gets a job at Sugar Blitz and at first it’s a rocky relationship with Donovan. When the press mistakes the two of them as an item, they play along at a fake relationship, and sales skyrocket. Soon it becomes the real thing and the two of them are happy. But like all rom-coms, things happen and the happy ending they both want may not happen. Donovan decides to step up his game and try and make it a touchdown. You don’t get much better rom-coms than this one.

You can pick up Fake It Till You Bake It in stores on Tuesday, June 21st from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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