Book Review: ‘Faithless In Death’ Is The Next Thrilling Eve Dallas Novel By J.D. Robb

Book number 52 in the series starts off after the events of the last awesome book and Eve has a lot of paperwork to do, which thrills her to no end. She also has to put up with Peabody’s happy attitute and the rest of her crew. Then she gets a call about a dead artist in the Upper East Side. A woman named Ariel is found dead in her apartment having been bashed in the head. The main suspect is Gwen Huffman, who called in the dead body and is a rich woman from a powerful family. Her story doesn’t add up and soon Eve and Peabody have reason to bring her in. The more they dig, they find it out it’s bigger than this one murder. It leads to a massive cult and a takedown like you wouldn’t believe. The last third of the book is as exciting as any other Eve Dallas novel. Author J.D. Robb really takes it to another level. I didn’t think she could top the last book but she did!

You can pick up Faithless In Death in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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