Book Review: ‘Fair Warning’ Is The Next Thrilling Jack McEvoy Novel By Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly is back with the third book in his Jack McEvoy series. This time around Jack is caught up in a murder of a one night stand that turns into something much bigger than the murder.

Jack is working at the online news site Fair Warning, a consumer expose site. When a woman Jack spent one night with a year ago is found murdered Jack’s name comes up as one guy that she was with. He’s interviewed by the police and made a person of interest, even though he never talked to her after that year. Jack’s interest is peaked when the police mention that she was stalked online.

Jack gets permission to work on a story about online stalking and it will also be about the girl. Then 3 more girls are found to have died, all the same way and Jack finds a link between them, a DNA testing site. The more he digs, the the deeper this goes. It involves a dark web site and the police are not happy with his digging.

He soon draws the attention of the killer and he also gets his ex Rachel to help. Soon his life is on the line and it leads to a dramatic showdown and just who can trust who.

My first time reading one of these Jack books and I loved it. The character is really well-written and the story started out fast and strong and never left off. There’s a reason Michael Connelly is the master of this genre.

You can pick up Fair Warning in stores on Tuesday, May 26th from Little Brown.

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