Book Review: ‘Every Last Fear’ Is A Solid Debut Thriller From Alex Finlay

For 21 year-old NYU student Matt Pine his live is about to be turned upside down. He learns that his family has died in Mexico and now he must tell his brother Danny, who is in prison for murder (a murder he doesn’t remember doing). He also must go to Mexico to claim the bodies. The reports are the family died of a gas leak. FBI agent Sarah Keller doesn’t think it was a gas leak. She’s investigating the company her father use to work for. She thinks it is somehow connected to the deaths in Mexico. She soon finds evidence that the Pines were on the case on new evidence that could prove Danny’s innocence after all these years and that is why they were killed. Matt soon finds his life in jeorpard on a few occasions and Sarah doubles her efforts to prove the Pines were murdered and it leads to a shocking reveal about what really happened to Matt Pine’s family.

A solid debut novel that uses the before and after plot to maximum effect in this story. The well timed twists and turns make for a story that keeps the readers engaged.

You can pick up Every Last Fear in stores now from Minotaur Books.

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