Book Review: ‘Empire Of Lies’ Is A Thrilling Time Travel Novel

I love anything to do with magic and time travel. Author Raymond Khoury has written a thrilling novel about time travel and history and how one man has changed the world and now two other people are trying to change it back.

In 1683 the Ottoman Empire will suffer a defeat in their efforts to take Vienna and then Europe. When a man named Rasheed shows up in the Sultan’s chambers and tells him what is going to happen and how he can change it the world will forever be changed. The Otterman Empire goes on to take Vienna and Europe. And now 300 years later they are still in control.

When he travels to Paris 2017 it is a different world. It is nothing like the world it should be. Strict laws govern now and everyone has to obey the rules. Rasheed time jumps to this time with a health ailment and is rushed to the hospital. His body is covered with tattoos and the doctor fixed him. But something about him interests Sayyid, who is the anesthesiologist. He slowly wakes Rasheed up and learns his story of time travel and how he changed the world. Sayyid tells his wife Nisreen and soon they both learn his story and the incantation that allows him to time travel.

Soon the police are on the case and have bugged Sayyid and Nisreen’s house and learn the secret and they are taken into custody. Sayyid’s brother Kamal is a cop and tries to break them out of the jail they are in. But tragedy strikes and Kamal and Nisreen have to jump through time to save their lifes. But his partner Taymoor is right behind them. Sayyid and Nisreen decide they have to change the history that was changed and soon a time jumping battle starts in an effort to change the world to what is should be. And not everyone will survive in this battle. And when all is said and done what will the world look like if they succeed?

If you’re a fan of time of this kind of genre this is a great book. It’s a real page-turner and I couldn’t put it down.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, October 1st from Forge.

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