Book Review: ‘Elevator Pitch: A Novel’ By Linwood Barclay

New York City on Monday morning 4 people enter an elevator to go to work. Something goes wrong. The elevator won’t open on any of their floors and then plunges to the ground killing all four. Then a man is found dead at the High Line walkway with his fingertips cut off. Tuesday comes and another elevator accident. Wednesday comes along and another elevator accident and a taxi blows up. What is going on in New York?

Reporter Barbara Matheson is trying to find out as is the Mayor, Homeland security and the rest of the city. The mayor has ordered all elevators in the city shut down. As the investigation begins the common thread seems to be the Mayor. He has a storied past as we learn and sometimes your enemies may be close to you without you knowing. It all comes to a head at a big party on Friday night in the cities second tallest building. Secrets are exposed and people die. Who will survive and why has this taken place will be revealed.

This is the follow up to last years awesome A Noise Downstairs. It doesn’t quite match the intensity of that novel but it is still a solid thriller that makes you think twice about elevators. A few twists and turns and a climatic showdown keep the reader engaged.

You can pick up Elevator Pitch in stores on Tuesday, September 17th from Morrow.

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