Book Review: ‘Eight Perfect Hours: A Novel’ By Lia Louis

A fun, romantic story about two people that it seems were destined to be together for years, yet they didn’t know about it until now. Sharply written with characters you want to be together and you root for. Another good rom-com novel for fans of ghe genre. Noelle Butterby is on her way to her colleg reunion when a snowstorm strands her and a lot of others on freeway in England. Her phone has died and her charge port doesn’t work. She has a knock on her window from a handsome man named Sam who offers to let her charge her phone in his car. They end up spending almost 8 hours together stuck on the road and then they say their goodbyes without exchanging numbers or a way to connect. Noelle can’t stop thinking about him and then learns and sees her ex Ed is back in town and working at the hospital. She then by chance runs into Sam and he tells her he has a girlfriend in the United States. Then Noelle starts to spend more time with Ed and once again runs into Sam. They soon learn they have a lot more in common, including a tragic event years ago and they admit they like each other but is it enough to chance their hearts.

You can pick up Eight Perfect Hours in stores on Tuesday, September 28th from Atria.

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