Book Review: ‘Duel To The Death’ Is The Next Exciting Ali Reynolds Novel

Duel To The Death,’ J.A. Jance’s latest Ali Reynolds book (Touchstone; in stores Tuesday, March 20), takes up where the previous book ends, with Frigg, an AI program being the center of the story.

Stuart Ramsey suddenly finds himself with millions of dollars in Bitcoin after taking down Owen Hansen, who killed his best friend. It also means he will have to pay a lot of money in taxes. He needs codes to access the money and that means having to turn on Frigg. He’s not sure that is a good idea after she almost went rogue with Owen. He calls upon Ali and the High Noon crew to help him out. He will need a lot of computer power and a place to access it.

Graciella Miramar is the illegitimate daughter of drug cartel leader El Pescado in Mexico. She also knows about Frigg and she wants her. She sets in motion a plan to get her. Unknown to her Stuart is on to the plan that someone wants Frigg as well after finding that the High Noon offices have been bugged.

So a plan is put into motion using Frigg and High Noon to flush out who is behind the bugging and what they want. Frigg turns out to be a great asset and is instrumental in helping to plan to trap Graciella and indirectly her father.

Fans of Ali will not be disappointed with the latest story. It centers more around Stuart (which is fine with me). J.A. Jance writes books that are easy to read and Ali is always fun to visit with once a year. And I give J.A. major props for understanding bitcoin and AI and technical stuff as well. I am lucky if I can return an e-mail.

If you’ve never read an Ali Reynolds book before jump right in. Enough information is given to understand who is who and what’s going on. You’ll be hooked like me and look forward to the next one!

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