Book Review: ‘Dovetail: A Novel’ By Karen McQuestion

I love novels that have dual time-line stories that tell about something that happened in the past and then years later the story resurfaces and you follow along with it. Author Karen McQuestion has done a masterful job with Dovetail. The characters you root for and the story ropes you in from the beginning all the way to the end.

Joe Arneson is in a psych clinic as the story begins. He’s been having these bad dreams and his parents were worried about him. He’s not sure why he’s having these dreams or what they’re about. They involve a man from another time. Then one day his Grandmother Pearl shows up and takes him out. Joe never knew he had a Grandmother. His dad told him his mother was dead. She’s alive and kicking and takes Joe to her family home. She explains that she and his dad had a falling out many years ago and haven’t spoken since.

Pearl as it turns out is dying of cancer. She has brought Joe to clean out the house, inventory and prepare it for sale. Joe decides to stay and do this and get to know Pearl. Now that Joe is here he starts to learn about his past, the family and why Pearl and his dad had a falling out.

Joe also meets Katherine, who owns a store where he will be bringing some of his families belongings to sell. She has her own secret as she’s trying to escape her abusive ex-husband. She and Joe get close and soon learn more details about his family and what his dreams really mean. We follow along the past and today and as Joe lives these moments again he understands the past and it may end up with him having the same fate as the man he has been seeing in his dreams.

You can pick up Dovetail in stores on Tuesday, March 10th.

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