Book Review: ‘Double Exposure: A Novel’ Is A Great Debut Novel

Is Hitler still alive? That’s the question in 1961 when a man jumps the wall in Berlin and is shot dead on the western side. He has a secret film with him. This is where ex-military man David Toland, decorated for his work during the Korean War, come in. He’s the Director Of Preservation for the Library of Congress National Film Archive. He is an movie buff and this is work he loves. He’s having coffee with a teacher of a class he just appeared at when CIA agents approach him. He’s needed to help his country with a security issue. Roger and Lana take him to the CIA building and explain they need his help in fixing a classified film.

It takes him a few days and he’s able to save most of it. When he calls Lana to tell her someone shows up and tries to kill him. Using his military expertise he’s able to take the man out. He’s on the run and meets up with Lana and they watch the film. Someone else shows up and tries to take them out. They don’t know who to trust and go on the run. The film shows that Hitler didn’t die and may still be alive. There’s also a second film somewhere and the two of them go on the run to Russia to try and find it.

What happens next finds them on the run from bad guys, searching for the film, falling for each other and visits to many different countries in their search for the truth. It leads them to betrayals, near death experiences and a shocking reveals. Who will survive all this in one piece is the question.

Authors Alfred Gough and Miles Millar created the TV shows Smallville and Into The Badlands and movies like Shanghai Noon and Spider-Man 2. This is there debut novel and it’s a home run. Great characters, a thrilling story and twists and turns throughout the story keeps the reader on the edge of their seats. A real page-turner of a story. This would make a great movie or a TV event series. Not sure if this is the start of a series of novels or is a one and done novel. I for one wouldn’t mind more stories.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, March 26 from Grand Central Publishing.

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