Book Review: ‘Double Blind’ Is The Next Exciting Kendra Michaels Thriller

Kendra Michaels is back and in the thick of it in the new novel Double Blind by Iris and Roy Johansen, in stores from St. Martin’s Press on Tuesday, July 17.

A woman is run over by a car and is dead. In her possession is a SD card that she was trying to get to Kendra. And Kendra has never met this woman and has no idea why she is involved. The video is of someones wedding. Kendra is trying to distance herself from working with Griffin and the FBI but this has become personal for her. She is all in to try and figure out why this woman was trying to contact her. At her side is Lynch (still with the hots for Kendra).

When people that are in the video start going missing and dead bodies show up, the race is on to find out who is responsible. When Kendra is poisoned and left for dead, it becomes even more personal for her and Lynch, who is now in overdrive to not only protect her but find the person responsible for it. It also leads to a next step in their relationship. Something neither of them are quite sure where it will go.

Jessie is back helping them and Olivia (her blind neighbor) becomes involved (not by her choosing) sets off a chain of events that could lead to one or more deaths and the race is on to save everyone and get the killer once and for all.

Another heart pounding, thrill ride that keeps the series going and takes the Kendra/Lynch relationship to the next level (or does it?). These two people are messed up in their heads and actually listening to the hearts instead of being two stubborn, independent people could be their undoing.

Author Iris Johansen and her son Roy are great story-tellers and this one is another intense Kendra story. If you haven’t jumped in yet to read her stories, now is a good time to start. She also has two other series that I really like. Eve Duncan and Catherine Lang (we need a new story from her!).

While we wait you can start in on this one. You won’t be disappointed you did.

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