Book Review: ‘Don’t Turn Around: A Novel’ By Jessica Barry

Author Jessica Barry is back with the follow-up to her great debut novel Freefall. Her new book Don’t Turn Around is a harrowing story of two women on the road for a mysterious trip in the middle of the night. Only to be followed by someone that is after one of them. It’s a thriller that starts off strong and then keeps going. The two women are strongly written and each have their own secrets and situations that they have to deal with. By the end of the novel it touches on a heated topic that divides America and depending on your views you may or may not root for one or both of these characters. It’s a thrill-ride you won’t want to get off.

Cait Monaghan is a bartender and a wanna be writer in Austin, TX. She hasn’t had much luck in the writing department yet. After a night with a country music up and coming superstar she writes about the details in a not so flattering way. The article is written by anonymous but goes viral. The push-back is brutal and she’s happy that her name isn’t on the article until it ends up getting out.

Rebecca McRae is married to a man that becomes a member of the House of Representatives in Washington and becomes popular. Then he is asked to run for the Senate. Rebecca is not liked much by the people but loves her husband. Then one night she leaves the family home and gets in a jeep with Cait on a mysterious trip to Albuquerque. We don’t learn right away why. Cait has done this trip a few times for an origination that helps women.

Things are quiet and the roads are dark. Soon a truck is on their bumper and it seems someone is after them. They lose the truck but it returns later in the trip and things take on a dark, deadly turn. But just who is this person after Cait or Rebecca and why? Will one or both of them survive and if so there’s a lot more waiting for them that neither one may be aware of.

You can pick up Don’t Turn Around in stores on Tuesday, June 16th from Harper.

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