Book Review: ‘Don’t Look Down’ Is The Next Thrilling Shadows Of New York Novel

Jo Greaver is being blackmailed over her past as an escort and goes to meet her blackmailer with a bag of money and a gun. It turns into a shootout and she shoots the man and gets knicked in the arm as well. And someone out side the apartment they are in is shooting at her. She manages to escape via the fire escape and tries to cover-up what happened. She is soon found and arrested and is going to be charged with murder.

NYPD Detectives Sheryn Sterling and Rafael Mendoza are on the case and something doesn’t add up to them on the case. As the evidence comes in it looks like Jo was set up and they work to prove it and find the person that might be responsible for the murder. And then another body shows up and soon the suspects are narrowed down and Jo soon finds herself in danger as the guilty person will do anything to protect them-self, including murdering again.

I didn’t read the first book in this series so these characters are new to me. Sterling and Mendoza are a great pair of detectives and the story is well-written, with some good twists and turns and is solidly written to engage the reader throughout the story. The novel is written from the different characters points of views, which also helps keep the story fresh and exciting to read.

You can pick up Don’t Look Down in stores on Tuesday, February 11th.

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