Book Review: ‘Dogged By Death: A Furry Friends Novel’ By Laura Scott

Author Laura Scott delivers a delightful first novel in her new Furry Friends series. Filled with fun characters, especially the older crew, lots of animals and a slow burning new romance, it has a little bit for everyone. For Ally Winter it’s a new beginning in the small town of Willow Bluff, Wisconsin. She has moved here and bought the local veternary clinic and is close to her grandfather Ocsar, who lives in a home with three women about his age. On one of Ally’s first jobs to walk a dog named Roxy she finds her client, lawyer Shawlin dead. She calls the police and a detective named Noah, who Ally went to high school with, is in charge of the case. He has a bit of an attitude but you can see sparks between the two. Oscar decides he wants to investigate the murder and soon he and Ally are doing just that, much to the chagrin of Noah. And someone else isn’t happy about this and soon Ally finds herself in danger and does everything she can to keep herself and Oscar safe.

You can pick up Dogged By Death in stores on Tuesday, July 13th from Crooked Lane.

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