Book Review: ‘Dog Eat Dog: An Andy Carpenter Novel’ By David Rosenfelt

I love Andy Carpenter books and have been reading them for years. This 23rd book in the series continues its winning formula. Smartly written with author David Rosenfelt’s unique style with LOL moments and a nod to himself in story. Andy and Laurie are out walking dogs Tara and Sebastian when they hear a dog yelp. The run to find out what’s going on and see a man hitting his dog. Laurie runs to stop it but a man gets there first and beats the guy up. The cops come and arrest both men, with the hero named Matthew tells Andy he is in big trouble. Andy gives him his card and is shocked to learned he’s now Matthew’s lawyer. He’s wanted for the murder of two people two years ago. Matthew claims he’s innocent and Andy agrees to help him. He’s taken back to Maine where the murders happened. Andy is not licensed in Maine but gets a waiver and works with a local lawyer. He ends up defending Matthew and soon Laurie, the dogs, Corey and Marcus (my favorite character) arrive and start investigating. And then the threats against Andy start and soon they uncover a drug ring and Andy needs to find the proof to get Matthew off on the charges.

You can pick up Dog Eat Dog in stores on Tuesday, July 6th from Minotaur Books.

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