Book Review: ‘Dog Days: A Novel’ By Ericka Waller

Dog Days follows 3 people who all have issues with their lives:

Dan is a therapist, who is OCD and is in the closet as a gay man. He’s never had a serious relationship or been in love. Then Atticus (who is gay) shows up for therapy. Dan is not sure what to make of him and finds himself attracted to him. As soon as his therapy is over, they date and fall in love. Until Dan makes a shocking discovery.

Lizzie is in a shelter with her young son. Her husband Greg was abusive and now she’s starting over. She’s very smart but also tries to keep to herself. She just wants to keep her son happy. Then she meets Luke (who is Dan’s cousin) and they date and something may be developing between them. But Lizzie thinks it’s moving to fast and then a shocking thing happens with a shocking reveal.

George has just lost his wife and the love of his life after a long time together. She died of cancer and he never knew how bad she was. He is very depressed, angry and not well liked in his community. Then Betty shows up and says she’s going to help him out. Help he doesn’t want. But Betty persists. George also finds notes all over the place that his wife has left him, telling him things to do and how to live. She knew him best and wants him to get on with his life. He and Betty form a friendship until he learns a shocking truth.

As you can see each of these people have issues and learn shocking things as they move on with their lives. The one thing they all have in common is dogs, who play big parts in their lives. This is a great novel with three interesting, well-written characters, thay you follow along with and hope for the best. It’s a book you just can’t put down.

You can pick up Dog Days in stores on Tuesday, May 11th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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