Book Review: ‘Distant Thunder: A Stone Barrington Novel’ By Stuart Woods

Stone Barrington just cannot catch a break. While at his house in Maine, with Holly (the President Of the US), a body of a CIA agent washes up on shore and it’s stores in Stone’s Garage, while a storm passes over. The man’s name is John Collins and it’s believed he was hunting down a Russian, who was hunting him. CIA director Lance Cabot, who Stone works for as a consultant, denies knowing him and then gets very hush hush about him. The next day in New York, Stone gets a visit from the very sexy Vanessa, who is Collins widow and she confirms he worked for the CIA and tells Stone what she can. She also is in Stone’s bed really fast. Stone becomes her lawyer and Vanessa finds she has a lot of money on her hands. When Stone is at dinner with Dino, a sexy woman approaches him and it turns out she’s a Russian hit-woman and thanks to Dino, she is arrested. Stone soon hits the road to London and then Key West, as his past with the Russians, seems to be catching up with him. It leads to a climatic showdown on his yacht off of Florida in the Atlantic Ocean. Another solid novel from the late author, although not as good as the last few. Fans of the series will still dig this one. Stuart Woods passed away not too long ago and I hope his estate will hire a writer to keep the series going once the last of the original novels Stuart wrote are releases. On a personal note I have enjoyed these novels for years and Stuart will be missed.

You can pick up Distant Thunder in stores on Tuesday, October 11th from Putnam.

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