Book Review: ‘Dewey Decimated: A Haunted Library Mystery’ By Allison Brook

by | Aug 20, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Book number six in the series is another fun, small-town murder mystery, with ghosts and quirky characters. And I loved every minute of it. Carrie Singleton is engaged to Dylan and works at the local library, which is adding another part to it on the grounds next door. That is until a dead body shows up in the basement, and the ghost of that body comes to the library and to Carrie and her resident ghost Evelyn. It turns out the body belongs to Dylan’s uncle Alex, a shady man, who Dylan use to look up to. And if Carrie doesn’t have enough going on, she’s part of the town counsel and a major vote is coming up on a parcel of land, and the members are divided over it. And then one of them is found murdered. And as much as Carrie is trying to not get involved in solving the murders, she gets sucked into it and helps get to the bottom of it. And lets not forgot the awesome cat named Smokey Joe, who everyone loves. If you’re a fan of these kind of books or the previous novels, you will like this one.

You can pick up Dewey Decimated in stores on Tuesday, September 6th form Crooked Lane.