Book Review: ‘Desperate Measures’ Is The Next Fun Stone Barrington Novel

Stone Barrington arrives back in New York with his latest lady love who quickly ends it. But Stone is not alone for long. While dropping her off to her helicopter he meets Faith, a young, beautiful blonde pilot. So of course he takes her to dinner and his bed. He also finds out about a string of serial killings and notices Faith fits the picture of the murdered girls. He hires her as his new pilot for his new plane he has gotten.

Faith moves in next door to where the other employees live. The fling with Stone is just a quick one. He’s also protecting her in case she is indeed being targeted. They go to LA for a board meeting at Centurion Studios where another murder happens and it could be connected to the New York murders.

Meanwhile Stone meets Cilla, a rich lady who is going to divorce her loser husband. Stone refers her to Herbie Fisher to handle her divorce. Her soon to be ex Donald is not happy and tracks Stone down and makes veiled threats. Stone tells him he has nothing to do with the divorce.

Faith has slipped out from her bodyguard and is soon missing and we find she has been taken by the serial killer. She makes a daring escape and is lucky to be alive. Soon Stone and the police figure out who it was and arrests are made. And Stone is in trouble facing the wrath of Cilla’s soon to be ex Donald and he is put in a life or death situation.

Just another few weeks of craziness in the life of Stone Barrington. Between dinners, women and having to watch his back for would be killers, Stone is just a normal guy (who gets laid a lot). If you’ve never read a Stone book before it’s time to jump in. The stories have great characters that you get to know and like. The stories are easy to read as author Stuart Woods writes short chapters with no useless filler. And he gives enough backstory on each character so you know who is who and how they know each other.

You can pick up the 47th book in the series on Tuesday, October 16.

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