Book Review: ‘Desolation Canyon: A Detective Margaret Nolan’ By P.J. Tracy

Book two of the Margaret Nolan series finds the LAPD Detective on a leave after the events of the last book. She’s still mourning her late brother, who was killed in action, when she stumbles upon a dead body at the Bel-Air hotel. This is just the first of a few bodies that pile up and soon she’s back in action and on the case. It soon hits close to home when all roads lead to a place in the desert that is suppose to help people heal from bad things that happen in their lives. Her mother is there to try and get over the death of her son. Margaret is worried about her mother, a woman is reportedly being held with her daughter and it takes Sam and Remy to come up with a plan to take down Father Paul, the man leading the place, once and for all. Revealations and a shocking reveal highlight this great follow-up to the first book in the series Deep Into The Dark. Here’s to more adventures with Margaret and her fellow cast of characters.

You can pick up Desolation Canyon in stores on Tuesday, January 18th from Minotaur Books.

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