Book Review: ‘Death On The Shelf: A Haunted Library Mystery’ By Allison Brook

by | Oct 31, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

If you’re a fan of small town mysteries, quirky characters, a cool cat name Smokey Joe and a ghost that lives in the library named Miss Evelyn, this is the perfect, fun book for you. Carrie Singleton works at the Clover Ridege Library in Connecticut and also lives there. She has a cool cat and a boyfriend named Dylan (who surprises her with a question) and talks to a ghost most days. Her best friend Angela is getting married and she’s helping to plan the bridal shower and finds out the restaurant they were going to use had a fire. So it gets moved to Cousin Donna’s house, who Angela is not a fan of. She’s rich and married to a successful Doctor named Aiden. Carrie can sense tension and things aren’t right with some of Angela’s relatives and at the wedding reception Aiden drops dead. Turns out he was murdered and now the hunt is on to find the killer. Carrie is once again on the case and also doing something for Miss Evelyn, helping to reunite her brother and his daughter. Carrie finds the killer but might not survive to reveal who it is.

You can pick up Death On The Shelf in stores on Tuesday, November 9th from Crooked Lane Books.