Book Review: ‘Death In Focus: An Elena Standish Novel’ By Anne Perry

Anne Perry (William Monk series) is back with a new series with the character of Elena Standish. Set in 1933 years after the first world war for which people are still recovering and it’s also the depression in the States. Hitler is rising to more power and Germany is under watch. Twenty-eight year old Elena Standish is in Italy with her sister Margot (who lost her husband in the war) at a convention. Elena is still getting over a broken-heart betrayal from the man she loved. She is now into photography and has her camera with her all the time.

She meets a man named Ian and they are hanging out. On the way to her room a dead body is found. When Ian has to leave suddenly he asks Elena to go with him. She knows something is up with him and the man that was found murdered. She believes he might by M16 (her father and grandfather both are). While on the train Ian is murdered but before he dies he gives Elena a message. She feels she must carry it out and goes to Berlin to warn about a plot that is suppose to take place.

Elena delivers the message and goes to a rally the next day where an assignation is suppose to take place. When she returns to her room she finds the gun used to kill and figures out it was a set-up for Ian who was suppose to have the room. She soon finds herself on the run in Germany with Hitler on the rise. She gets the help of a few people and a man helps smuggle her out of Germany. But he has an ulterior motive and soon the events of the first War come back to haunt Elena and her Grandfather and someone will not make it out alive.

This is a great start to this series. The character of Elena, her Grandfather and the rest will make for exciting future novels in the series. Anne Perry knows how to write thrilling novels and I look forward to more in this series.

Death In Focus will be in stores on Tuesday, September 17th from Random House.

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