Book Review: ‘Dear Wife’ Is A Novel With Lots Of Twists You Don’t See Coming

So when I started reading Dear Wife I figured it would be like most other thrillers that I have read and it would go along a certain way. And at first it seemed to start out that way. Until the twists and turns came about and I have to say author Kimberly Belle got me. I was not expecting the major twist that came and it blew my mind.

The book is told from the point of view of the major characters in each chapter. We hear from Beth and we are learning her plan as she escapes from her abusive husband. She has been planning for this now for a year and has everything done pat.

When Jeffrey comes home his wife Sabine is not there and the house is a mess. He has been on a business trip for a week now. Sabine sells real estate and she has a showing until 9pm. We learn that things between the two haven’t been good and there was even a physical altercation at one point. When she isn’t home the next day he calls her twin sister and they go to the police. This isn’t like Sabine at all.

As the investigation commences we learn shocking truths about each of the people involved in the plot and everything is not as it seems. The cop in charge Marcus is on the case and soon figures out where Beth is and it leads to a shocking climax you don’t see coming.

You can pick up Dear Wife in stores on Tuesday, June 25th from Park Row Books.

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