Book Review: ‘Deadfall’ Is A Twisty Filled Thriller

Twin brothers Ty and Cory Bic haven’t had the easiest of lives. Their mother took off a few years ago and they are stuck with their abusive, alcoholic father. They have just turned 16 and their dad Benny takes them on a trip to the middle of the forest in the mountains to show them a special place called Stumptown outside of Portland, Oregon. It’s a special man cave built underground and accessed by a stump (no one seems to know about the place). Benny vows to be a better father and tells them they are moving to start a new business.

Well nothing changes a year later and Benny is working with a bad guy dealing in drugs. When Benny seems to betray him, he is killed in a meth lab explosion. The boys are taken by the police and Ty seems to know more than he lets on. They are taken in by foster parents in the town of Luster and the rich family of the Motts. They have two children but take in Ty and Cory. They are given the lay of the land and conditions to live by. Ty is not really happy about this but they agree to give it a try.

The story drifts between what happened with their dad, the time they are with the Motts and today when they have stolen a car and taken off. The are headed to Stumptown when they see a car has crashed and find a girl in the trunk of the car. They’re not sure who she is or what happened but soon find they are not alone. They split up and Cory takes the girl to Stumptown and tries to help and protect her. Soon their past catches up with them and it leads to a climatic, thrilling ending.

Along the way we learn the whole story of the time they lived with the Motts to when they take off and everything that happened in between. It’s a thrilling story with twists and turns and an engaging plot of the twins sticking together through thick and thin. I like to call it a page-turner you can’t put down.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, December 11th from Hyperion.

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