Book Review: ‘Dead Man’s Mistress’ Is The Next Fun McKenzie Novel

I have never read of the McKenzie novels before but I will in the future. I am hooked. McKenzie is an ex cop in Minneapolis who has money and helps out people that ask for help. In this case it involves the art world. Louise Wykoff is know as the ‘The Wykoff Woman’ as she worked for a famous artist, Randoff McIness, who died many years ago. She was an assistant, lover and model for some of his paintings (sometimes in the nude).

She kept 3 paintings after he died per his request. Now those paintings are missing and a friend of hers asks McKenzie to help recover them. He’s on the job and gets a list of people that have been to her house. In his searching her finds where a few of things have been pawned and then finds the dead body of David Montgomery. There are no signs of the paintings. As he investigates David he finds out he was a ladies man in town. With no real clues and two others claiming the paintings belong to them. McKenzie comes up with a plan that could find them the paintings but also put his life in danger.

The character of McKenzie is awesome. He’s a cocky, fun, take no crap from anyone character. He talks to himself (his inner voice) and we get to hear the conversations. Just a really well-written character. The story is fun as well with women throwing themselves at McKenzie (he has a girl he loves and turns them down). This is book 16 in the series and I only wish I had time to go back and read the first 15!

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, May 21st from Minotaur Books.

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