Book Review: ‘Dead Man Running’ Is The Next Exciting Alex McKnight Thriller

by | Aug 18, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

I love nothing more than a good thriller. And I am always looking for recurring characters so I read their adventures once a year. Well I have another one to add to the list Alex McKnight. My first time reading one of author Steve Hamilton’s books with him. It won’t be my last. Alex is a take charge character that will do what he has to do to save people. It’s a page-turning ride right from the beginning up to the climactic ending.

A man on vacation on a cruise in the Mediterranean is checking his house in Scottsdale, Arizona via webcams. He notices something seems wrong. When he scans the house he sees a dead body in his bedroom. The police and FBI arrive and figure it must be a serial killer named Martin T. Livermore, who they have been looking to capture for a string of missing women and deaths. He has a certain way he does things and they figure he will be back and they will be waiting. Sure enough he’s back and they capture him. It all seems to easy though.

When being questions he basically admits he knew he would be captured. He’s is a cool, calculating man. He refuses to talk unless they get one person name Alex McKnight. He is a retired police officer now private investigator in Paradise, Michigan. The FBI soon gets him and Alex has no idea what this is about. He has never met Martin and knows nothing about him. Martin knows all about him and is playing games. He gets them to take them to where he has his last woman tied up and time is running out to save her. When they get to where the girl should be it’s a massive trap and Livermore kills a bunch of agents/cops but leaves Alex alive and takes off.

Alex is now more determined than ever to find this guy and take him out once and for all. He still doesn’t understand why he was targeted. He decides to try and get in his head and after some cat and mouse action he finds out his connection and it’s nothing that he ever expected. Now he has to race to save the one woman who is the key to all of this before it’s too late.

You can pick up Dead Man Running (An Alex McKnight Thriller) in stores on Tuesday, August 21st from Putnam.