Book Review: ‘Dead Man Dancing: A Bad Axe Country Novel’ By John Galligan

We are back in Bad Axe County in Wisconsin and it’s party time. It’s the annual Syttende Mel (or Norwegian Independence festival). But it’s far from a party. A hispanic male worked has been beaten and refuses to say what happened to him and there’s the murder of a band member.

All this puts sheriff Heidi Kick on overtime trying to solve what’s going on. On top of that her daughter is acting up and she gets a report that her husband was seen with another woman. And she gets a death threat in the mail. And a retired teacher named Augustus Pfaff, who’s writing a book has his mailbox shot up and then gunned down in his own house.

Heidi now has a lot of work to do to figure out what’s going on in her county. She soon figures out it’s white supremacists in town and on top of that her husband has disappeared. She learns a shocking secret as she fights to bring order to the place she calls home.

This second book is as good as the first one. It’s timely with things that are going on these days in our country. Heidi Kick is an enjoyable, strong female character and here’s to more Bad Axe mysteries with her.

You can pick up Dead Man Dancing in stores on Tuesday, August 11th from Atria Books.

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