Book Review: ‘Daughter Of War’ Is The Next Exciting Pike Logan Book

I look forward to every January when the new Brad Taylor book comes out. I love reading about Pike Logan, Jennifer, Veep, Knuckles, Brett and everyone else associated with the Taskforce. This story takes place in Monaco, Syria, Geneva and involves North Koreans and a deadly agent called Red Mercury. Once released it kills right away and then disperses in the air within an hour. Of course this being Pike they are on one assignment that has nothing to do with this one and somehow stumble into it.

Syria is planning on an attack against American and Kurdish forces with the Red Mercury they got from North Korea. The North Koreans are planning on double crossing the Syrians. They are working out of Geneva since the Swiss are neutral and allow them in their country. While on assignment in Monaco, Pike and his team run into a North Korean team and end up in a situation with them. They soon uncover information of something more serious going on and convince the Taskforce to let them proceed with an investigation.

Meanwhile a young Syrian girl Amena (who lives in France) steals an iPhone from one of the Syrians planning on selling it for money. She has no idea what she has taken and stumbled into. The phone is traced and her father and brother killed in front of her and she’s on the run from the bad guys. She doesn’t know the phone being on is tracking her. Soon her paths cross with that of Pike and his team and she’s become a part of their team since she’s seen the bad guys. It brings back memories for Pike because of losing his wife and daughter years ago.

Soon the hunt is on to find the Red Mercury and stop if from being deployed not only in Syria but also by the North Koreans.

Another exciting novel with lots of action, with twists and turns and a climatic Pike Logan finish we have come to expect from these stories. There’s also the usual comedic relief with the gang and their little jibes at each other. The story ends on a finale that I am curious to see how it plays out in future stories.

You can pick up Daughter Of War in stores on Tuesday, January 8th from Dutton.

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