Book Review: ‘Daughter Of The Reich: A Novel’ By Louise Rein

Hetty Heinrich is the daughter of a man high up in the uprising of the Nazi party during the time of Hitler in the 1930’s. She is taught that the Hitler and the Germans are the stronger people. The Jews are slowly being taken care of and Hetty has to forget her Jewish friends and concentrate on the German Propaganda.

Walter is a Jewish friend from when she was younger. He was best friends with her older brother Karl and saved her life one time when they were swimming. Now years later as Hetty is becoming a young woman she reconnects with Walter and they fall in love. They both know it’s wrong and it could mean jail or even death. Hetty starts to think this German thinking is wrong and she and Walter try to stay away from each other.

But they have been seen and the Jews are being rounded up. Hetty is able to get Walter out of jail and he’s soon on his way to London to be married to save his family. Hetty is heart-broken but they both know this is the right thing to do. She soon gets a shock that will change her life forever. Will it be enough to save her and Walter?

This is an awesome love story between two people that cannot be together. You root and root for both of them. It’s also a good look at the rise of Hitler and the German’s and how the Jews were treated badly. Author Louise Rein has written a page-turner of a story. Make sure to have a few kleenex around.

You can pick up Daughter Of The Reich in stores on Tuesday, May 12th from William Morrow.

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