Book Review: ‘Daughter Of The Deep: A Novel’ By Rick Riordan Is Another Winner

I love Rick Riordan books (Percy Jackson, Apollo and Magnus Chase series). His newest stand-alone novel is based on Jules Verne’s 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea and the novel is Great. A fun, solid novel, with great characters and a compelling story, that is perfect for the whole family. It has Rick’s unique story-telling and characters, which includes a Giant Octupus, A Dolphin and an Orangutan named Jupiter, who loves to cook and watch a baking show on cable (the best character in the book).

Ana Dakkar is 14 years-old and is attending the Hewitt-Pencroft Academy and loves to dive and it’s time for the end of year trials for freshman. Before she leaves for the trip she notices something amiss far off that could be dangerous. As the bus pulls away with the freshman class they see that the academy is underfire and then is completly gone. Their arch rival Land Institute has started a war with HP and now all the people that are left are on this bus. Now Ava is told a shocking truth and the reason that HP was blown up, she’s the only living relative of Captain Nemo and that he was a man beyond his time. He invented all this technology and now it sits at the bottom of the ocean on the Nautilus. The Land Institute wants all this tech and try to capture Ana, who gets away. They go to a secret island base that HP has and Ana sees the Nautilus and then the island comes under attack and Ana must escape with the Nautilus and she must figure out the secrets of the ship and form a plan to go back to the island save the rest of the people there and her families legacy. But she learns of a shocking betrayal and must dig deep down in order to survive.

You can pick up Daughter Of The Deep in stores on Tuesday, October 26th from Hyperion.

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