Book Review: ‘Dashing Through The Snowbirds: A Meg Langslow Novel’ By Donna Andrews

It’s Christmas time and Meg has a full house, that has been over-decorated by her Mother. She also has a houseful of Canadians (11 of them), as part of her brother Rob’s business deal with Acergen (an kind of company), as they are helping to overhaul their website, lead by the obnoxious Ian. He has managed to annoy just about everyone, including Meg’s dogs. But things aren’t right with Ian’s company and now Rob and the board of directors must decide if they should get out of the deal. Then Ian is found murdered on an ice rink that Meg’s dad has constructed for Christmas. Once again Meg finds herself in the middle of the investigation, as there are a number of potential suspects and they all seem to show up at her house. And when Meg is cornered by one of them, it might be the end of her. I love these books and this is number 32 in the series. It has all the quirky characters we’ve come to love and there’s never a bad novel in this series. Fans of the books will not be disappointed.

You can pick up Dashing Through The Snowbirds in stores on Tuesday, October 11th from Minotaur Books.

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