Book Review: ‘Darling Rose Gold: A Novel’ By Stephanie Wrobel

A mother and daughter go to a secret war against each other and only one can come out on top in the sterling debut novel from author Stephanie Wrobel.

Rose Gold Watts grew sick all the time. Her mother Patty kept taking her to doctors claiming she had illnesses. She was on feeding tubes, was skinny, kept getting her head shaved and pretty much became a kid kept at home most of the time. By the time Rose Gold found the internet and discovered ipecac syrup did she figure out her mother had been poisoning her and starving her all these years.

Her mother was arrested and charged with aggravated child abuse and Rose was the star witness against her. Now five years later and Patty is getting out. Rose has bought her mother’s old family home (which has a lot of painful memories for her) and is staying with her. It seems like they both want to make amends. Especially now that Rose has a two month old baby and Patty is a Grandmother.

But things don’t go according to plan. A lot has happened since Patty went to jail and we learn all about what Rose has been through and done and a lot it isn’t pretty. A game of cat and mouse now takes place in the house between Rose Gold and Patty and who comes out on top is the end game between the two of them.

The book is told in chapters by each character and what they have or are planning. You want to root for Rose Gold until you start learning what she has done and become. Then the reader is not sure what to do or believe. With some cool twists and turns, you are left waiting until the very end as to who comes out on top.

You can pick up Darling Rose Gold in stores on Tuesday, March 17th from Berkley.

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