Book Review: ‘Darling Girl: A Novel Of Peter Pan’ By Liz Michalski

Author Liz Michalski contiues the Peter Pan story with a modern look at what he’s up to in modern day. It’s a well-written novel that eill keep you engaged from the very beginning right to the shocking end. A great novel to start your spring reading season. The book centers around Holly Darling and her cosmetics empire. After losing one of her sons and husband years ago in a car crash, tragedy again strikes when her daughter Eden and son Jack both fall out of a tree while trying to fly. Eden has been under medical equipment for years now and told she would never wake up. Jake had bad injuries until he got some of Eden’s blood, which seems to have a magical element to it. Turns out there’s a special reason why. Wendy has a history with Peter Pan but hasn’t seen him in years (as did her mother and grandmother). Now Eden is missing and Wendy feels Peter has come back and she tries to find Peter and get her daughter back. An ex-soldier named Christoper Cooke, complete with a hook hand ala Captain Hook, helps out in the search. Lots of twists and turns and shocking reveals (including Tinkerbell) highlight this outstanding second novel from Liz.

You can pick up Darling Girl in stores on Tuesday, May 3rd.

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