Book Review: ‘Darling At The Campsite: A Novel’ By Andy Abramowitz

A well-written character driven novel highlights the latest from Andy Abramowitz. It’s all about family and the past and moving forward. For Rowan Darling going home is not a pleasant experience. He left the Chicago area years ago when he was young and has never looked back. He currently lives in Philly and owns a record store with Daisy (who he sometimes has sex with). The store isn’t doing all that well and they may have to give it up. He gets a call that his brother has died and now he has to return for the funeral. It means opening up old wounds. He may have to see the woman he loved in high school who betrayed him with his best friend. He has to face the mother who has always had issues. And he has to somehow put the past behind him and figure out where he goes after this. It’s an eye-opening visit that will change him forever and touch the reader as well.

You can pick up Darling At The Campsite in stores on Tuesday, June 8th from Lake Union.

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