Book Review: ‘Dark Sentinel’ Is The Next Exciting Carpathian Novel

Author Christine Feehan is back with her 32nd novel in her Dark series. And for me my first time reading one. And I wish I had time to go back and read the first 31. It’s quite the vampire series. Full of good and evil and lots of magical mystery and battles for lives. The characters are fascinating and Christine can write some erotic, sensual sex scenes!

In this installment Andor Katona has been brutally attacked and close to death. He has lived along time and has decided it’s time to end it. For he is a Carpathian and has been searching for his lifemate forever. When they are born a lifemate is also born. She has his good side and he has his dark side. They have two choices. They can end their lives and turn into vampires that become evil. And right now there are too many bad vampires and not enough Capathians (who have super powers and are really strong).

Suddenly Lorraine Peters shows up and helps defend Andor and save his life. He realizes that after all these years his lifemate has finally found him. But he’s in really bad shape. His Carpathian brothers are called to try and heal and save him. As they do that Lorraine is also placed in danger. Vampires are trying to get to her and to Andor to finish him off. It will take everything in her power and in Andor to save him and keep Lorraine safe. She’s trying to understand what he is and how she is a part of all this. She also learns that she will have to be changed in order to fit into his life.

The more she learns about them the more she is torn as to what to do. But she knows she has fallen in love with Andor and ready to make the change. But a sinister, older Master vampire has other plans and she could be the undoing of the Carpathian race.

A page-turning story of vampires, love and war. If you are a fan of True Blood, The Vampire Diaries or The Originals this series is perfect for you. You easily pick up this book and jump right in. I did. All the previous stories are basically written as stand alone books. Enough information is given in this story to understand who is who and what is going on.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 4th from Berkley.

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