Book Review: ‘Dark Angel: A Letty Davenport Novel’ By John Sandford

Letty Davenport is asked to go undercover to try and help take down a hacker group known as Ordinary People, who got together to get revenge on a Russian hacking group. Now there are worries they’re looking to take down natural gas companies for ransom. She’s teamed with a computer whiz, and together they must try and get in with the group, within two weeks. As they go deep undercover, things don’t seem to be adding up, and now it seems like someone close to them is working against them, and there’s some other ulterior motive, and Letty needs to figure things out quickly, or it might be too late for her. The climax of this novel is a great shootout that leaves you breathless. This is a great follow-up to the debut novel of this character last year. It hits all the right notes, and keeps you reading along. Fans of John’s Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers series will like this one.

You can pick up Dark Angel in stores on Tuesday, April 11th from Putnam.

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