Book Review: ‘Dance Away With Me: A Novel’ By Susan Elizabeth Phillips

Two people who under normal circumstances would never be together suddenly find their lives turned upside down in a tiny town called in the Tennessee Mountains.

Tess is a midwife who has lost her husband and taken off for the mountains to try and get over it and restart her life. Ian North is a famous Graffiti artist/Painter, who also lives on the mountain with Bianca, who is pregnant. She and Tess become fast friends, much to the chagrin of Ian. Bianca goes into early labor and with no time to get her to the hospital Tess has to deliver the baby. The baby is early and is low weight but fine. Bianca developed a medical condition and died.

Ian is in no shape to raise a kid. Bianca made Tess promise to look after the baby if anything happened to her. Ian hires her to take care of the baby named Wren. She grows attached to her and wants to be her mother full time. The small town starts talking about her and the situation with Ian and Wren.

Soon Tess and Ian grow close but situations keep arising with the towns people and with the baby and custody. Not everything is as it seems and Tess and Ian have to put the past behind them and move forward if they are to be together.

Two well-written, flawed characters highlight this love story set in small town America which at times seems like it’s about 30 years behind modern times. You root for Ian and Tess all the way through the story to hopefully work out their issues. A good summer read.

You can pick up Dance Away With Me in stores on Tuesday, June 9th from William Morrow.

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