Book Review: ‘Cut To The Bone: An Agent Sayer Altair’ Novel Is The Best One So Far In The Series BY Ellison Cooper

by | Jul 10, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

The third book in the Agent Sayer Altair series answers a lot of questions that have been out there for anyone that has been reading the series. There are massive twists and turns and shocking reveals that leave the reader stunned (and in a good way). I am usually good at figuring out things when I read these books but author Ellison Cooper got me big time.

Sayer is still with the FBI after nearly being fired in the last book. Holt wasn’t so lucky and she is gone. Sayer gets a call that a young girl’s body has been found with a message in blood and a cop killed at the scene. She puts together a task force and starts to investigate. But this isn’t a random killing. She soon discovers a whole bus load of high school students is missing.

This becomes a much bigger case and hardly any leads. Then another body is found. And subject 037 is calling with cryptic information. And then someone is following Sayer. They think they know who it is but the man gets away. And then all hell breaks loose. What they thought isn’t what it is. Then Sayer is pulled off the case. Then Sayer gets the shock of her life and it could be her undoing. She finally learns the truth about what happened to her finance four years ago and it’s a doosy of a tale. And to top that off there’s a shocking reveal at the very end of the novel.

You can pick up Cut To The Bone in stores on Tuesday, July 14th from Minotaur.