Book Review: ‘Cross Her Heart: A Novel’ Is A Thrill Ride With Twists And Turns

Who doesn’t like a good thriller with twists and turns and plot twists galore? Author Sarah Pinborough has written just that. It starts off with a mystery and then just takes off until it’s climatic ending. Each chapter is told from a different characters point of view which helps enhance the story as we see what they’re feeling.

Lisa is an over protected mother to her 16 year old daughter Ava and it’s driving her crazy. Ava has three close friends that hang out all the time. They are of different ages but the group clicks. Lisa has a job and really only one close friend in Marilyn. She hasn’t dated in a long time and is attracted to one of her new clients. Lisa mostly keeps to herself and doesn’t talk much about her past.

Ava has a boyfriend who wants to have sex. She decides to do it and get it over with. Ava also has an online admirer that she really likes and wants to meet. So far they have only chatted. When Ava saves a child how falls into a river she makes the news. This is where everything goes wrong. Lisa is not really Lisa but Charlotte with a past is suddenly brought back to everyone and Ava and the people around Lisa are shocked at what they have learned now about her.

Someone from her past has been doing little things to make Lisa think that someone is after her. After the news breaks about Lisa’s past Ava takes off to meet her mysterious man and then she disappears. Lisa is determined to find her and figure out who is after her and if it’s someone from her past. Someone that she once made a promise to but didn’t keep. When she finally figures it out it may be too late.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, September 4.

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