Book Review: ‘Crimson Summer: A Novel’ By Heather Graham

Author Heather Graham is back with her next exciting novel, featuring the FBI and FDLE and it’s all action from the beginning right up to the end. It’s quite a page-turning ride, with enjoyable characters and a twisty plot. Amy Larson and Hunter Forrest are on a vacation when she gets left a red horse, left at her hotel door. Then they here about a mass execution style crime scene in the middle of the Florida Everglades of twenty dead young men. Jimmy is an everglades tour leader and he was out with customers when the bodies were spotted. As the investigation ramps up if becomes clear someone on the boat knows more than they’re saying or was invovled. And slowly the people on the boat are turning up dead or in trouble and go into hiding. Another red horse is found at the scene. Then another massacre takes place in New York. And Amy is getting strange, untraceable calls to her cellphone. They soon get little breaks and their lives are in danger but that doesn’t stop them from figuring things out and leads to a shocking showdown.

You can pick up Crimson Summer in stores on Tuesday, April 5th from MIRA.

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