Book Review: ‘Crime For The Books: A Jane Doe Book Club Mystery’ By Kate Young

It’s Halloween time and the Jane Doe Book Club has set up an event at the B&B, based on Agatha Christie’s Murder Is announced. Everyone is dressed in costume and someone will be ‘murdered’ during the party. There’s a storm raging, the lights go out, shots are fired, people are screaming and then someone is actually found dead, this wasn’t suppose to happen. The victim is a relative of Elaine Morgan, who owns the B&B, and has been in a dispute with her over ownership of the building. Elaine is the prime suspect and Lyla Moody, a PI, is on the case, helping to solve the murder. Then another murder takes place and it looks like someone is setting up Rosa Landry, a member of the police force. Lyla and Brad, her boyfriend and federal officer, are working the case and Lyla suddenly figures out who might be the murder and sets a trap, which could cost her her life. Another fun small-town mystery, with fun, quirky characters and an easy to read novel. Fans of the series will like this one.

You can pick up Crime For The Books in stores on Tuesday, October 11th from Crooked Lane.

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