Book Review: ‘Credible Threat: An Ali Reynolds Novel’ By J.A. Jance

The 15th novel in the Ali Reynolds series finds Ali involved in trying to find someone that is threatening Archbishop Francis Gillespie.

Rachel Higgins had a son named David who died of a drug-overdose. When she receives a box of his stuff from the last place he lived, she finds that it wasn’t just an overdose. It may have been because of a pedophile Priest that taught the swim team that David was a part of. He died in prison and had AIDS. Her son David also had AIDS and she figures out he was have been one of his victims. She blames the Archbishop and plans to take him out.

Ali and her husband B are asked by Francis to look into threats he has been getting. The put AI Figg to use and when a tragedy happens involving Francis and another Priest, they have to try and track down Rachel before it’s too late. She thinks she has a full proof plan but it goes haywire and Ali must act quickly in order to stop her from taking out the Archbishop.

The last few Ali Reynolds books where exciting and this one doesn’t live up to the last few. It’s not bad just a predictable story from start to finish. Still it’s Ali Reynolds and and she’s always worth a visit.

You can pick up Credible Threat in stores on Tuesday, June 2nd from Gallery Books.

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