Book Review: ‘Creatures: A Novel’ By Crissy Van Meter

Creatures is fictional story of Evie. She lives on a island off of the California coast. It’s the eve of her wedding to Liam, who is out on a boat during a bad storm. On top of that a whale has beached itself and the smell is horrible. No one has been able to remove it. And then on top of that Evie’s estranged mother shows up. The last person she wanted to see.

We learn about her life via flashbacks. Her mother left when she was young and her father did the best he could bringing her up. They often had no money and lived off the land. He sold drugs, like to party and when he could found them places to stay. Even though she has this strange childhood, she managed to get herself to school and has a good job. And a man she loves. This is her story, good and bad.

The use of flashbacks and going between present time and the past works great here. Author Crissy Van Meter has written a sterling debut novel of love and loss, heartbreak and happiness. The use of the island works perfectly here and moves the story along at a great pace. She will be someone to watch in the future if she turns out more books like this.

You can pick up Creatures in stores on Tuesday, January 7th from Algonquin Books.

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