Book Review: ‘Crazy To Leave You: A Novel’ By Marilyn Simon Rothstein

by | May 3, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Lauren Leo is 41 years old and everything seems to be going her way right now. She’s lost weight and gotten down to a size 12 (she’s always had weight issues), she has a great job and she’s about to marry Eric and hopefully have a child soon. The morning of the wedding Eric texts her sister and tells her he can’t go through with the wedding. Lauren is heartbroken and decides to eat. Then she gets home and her estranged sister Margo, a Hollywood actress, shows up and decides to move into her apartment. Lauren also has a car accident (just a sprained wrist) and is saved by Rudy, a driver who works for her company. She’s able to use Rudy for her business trips and the two get close. And then there’s family drama with her sisters, her parents and her job. But Lauren turns a negative into a positive and finally takes full control of her life. At it’s core it’s about family and putting past issues behind you. It’s also about addiction and knowing you can get help and try to overcome what it is you have. I love a good family drama story and this is a perfect book to kick off your Memorial Day weekend.

You can pick up Crazy To Leave You in stores on Tuesday, May 24th.